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Returns & Exchanges

We have been making sheepskin products since 1976. All items are handcrafted, custom made according to your measurements and/or size, guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, and guaranteed to fit you. Your order is a purchase agreement; our commitment to you is to provide the quality products described.

If they don't fit or are defective, items in new condition may be sent back within two weeks for repair or replacement, or can be exchanged for items of similar value, for example, a hat for a pair of slippers. Money for shipping the replacement item ($9.50) should be included when sending back an item for this type of exchange. Since shipping is expensive, your measurements can help us with proper fitting.

Hats: Measure around your head at the forehead.

Mittens: Measure length of hand from base to fingertips, and width (without thumb)

Slippers and Boot Liners: While standing, trace around your foot with pencil or pen (or have someone do it for you). Measure the widest and longest part of that tracing.

Special note regarding boot liners: Boot liners are made to fit you. If you want them to also fit in your boots, the boots must be the type that accommodates a one-half to three-quarter inch thick liner. Many Sorel and Sorel-type boots, mukluk style boots, and boots which take a foam liner, will work with our sheepskin liners. The sheepskin used in these is warm and thick (approx five-eighths inch). It will pack down some, so it is normal for the liners to fit quite snugly at first. Wearing them around the house barefoot for a few days will help them take the shape of your feet.

sheepskin slippers
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