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Nubian & Saanen Dairy Goats and fresh, delicious raw goat milk available year round. We raise healthy, ADGA registered breeding stock in Grants Pass, Oregon. "Continual Improvement" in type and production is our goal!

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Having raised goats since about 1965, we have a small herd of beautiful Nubians and Saanens. We love our goats and give them the best of care. They give delicious milk and delight us with their beautiful kids every year. Each one has a name and distinctive personality. Some of our goats have also done packing on backpack trips. They have continuous access to irrigated pasture, and also get Klamath alfalfa, COB (natural corn/oats/barley) free choice minerals and natural kelp. We give Bo-Se and vaccinate for enterotoxemia. Our animals are ADGA registered, and our herd is completely CAE and CL negative. In order to maintain a small herd size, we offer a few select animals for sale every year. Please check our For Sale & Kidding Chart pages and contact us for availability and pricing.