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For centuries, woolen garments have been famous for their great warmth. A shearling pelt, the marvelous combination of wool and leather attached to each other (just the way it grew on the sheep), is nature’s unequaled insulation. The soft, durable sueded leather is windproof and won’t waterspot. The thick virgin wool pile is specially “ironed” to give a fur-like texture. It wicks away perspiration, wards off frostbite, and provides comfort and warmth down to sub-zero temperatures. Subtle color variations and occasional natural defects give each garment authenticity and individuality. The skins are not taken from an endangered species, but are a by-product from domestic sheep raised for food. Our handcrafted shearling sheepskin slippers, booties, mittens, hats, boot liners, rugs, and other items make wonderful, unique gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. Your family, friends, and business associates will love the warmth and comfort of genuine shearling sheepskin! And don’t forget to pamper yourself, too!


We are a family business dedicated to the integrity of our products. We use only the finest grade American tanned sheepskins. Each item is hand-cut from carefully selected pelts, then carefully sewn and hand-finished. We stand behind our quality and workmanship, and are also happy to exchange (new) items that are the wrong size. (please return within two weeks). We do custom work too (sheepskin teddy bears, pandas, sheepskin vests, quilts, saddle covers, etc) and welcome your input and suggestions.